Action Teams


  • Design, pilot, and revise High School Honest, Open, Proud
  • Design and implement distribution/training trainers plan
  • Conduct ongoing evaluation on the use and outcomes
  • Review WISE Schools, revise and integrate into DPI and CESA school mental health resources
  • Honest, Open, Proud facilitator trainings
  • Online delivery of Honest, Open, Proud program
  • International partnership to evaluate and implement HOP Parent

Outreach & Marketing

  • E-newsletter oversight and guidance to staff
  • Planned geographic expansion of WISE membership
  • Oversight of WISE presentations and consultations
  • Media and PR planning and response
  • Safe person decal distribution and support
  • Bandannas campaign
  • Annual Compilation and Sharing of WISE resources


  • Provide WISE healthcare programs and consultation
  • Broaden use of Compassion Resilience program