WISE is a coalition of organizations and individuals building resilient and hopeful communities by promoting inclusion and support for all affected by mental health challenges. WISE implements and advances evidence-based practices for stigma reduction.

People with mental health challenges sharing their recovery experiences in a targeted, local, credible and continuous way is the current, primary, evidence-based practice to reduce stigma, and drives the focus of WISE. We promote the power of strategic contact with people in recovery to end stigma in schools, healthcare, congregations, workplaces and wherever humans interact.

What Is WISE

Evidence-based Programs

Evidence-based Programs

  • WISE Basics – presentation on what stigma is, what research has taught us about how to reduce it (TLC4 model), and a facilitated discussion on what this means for your organization’s efforts
  • WISE Healthcare - presentation similar to WISE Basics but tailored to health care settings
  • Safe Person and Seven Promises – provide resources and training tools to enhance non-judgmental listening and effective support for people experiencing emotional distress
  • Up to Me for Teens and Adults - facilitated groups explore the move towards strength-based self-stories, pros and cons of disclosure, and a helpful process of decision making about whether, to whom and how to talk about one’s experiences
  • Compassion Resilience - Customized programs and tools to increase personal and organizational capacity for compassion resilience, in health care, schools, work places, faith communities, libraries, etc.
  • Contact Us - to schedule a training of facilitators in your organization or region
Consultation for Capacity-building

Consultation for Capacity-building

  • Support the use of the TLC4 model during planning and implementation of stigma reduction projects in diverse sectors such as health care, education, faith, and workplace
  • Academic consultant - Patrick Corrigan PhD, National Consortium on Stigma and Empowerment
  • Technical assistance and mentoring - WISE members offer a wide range of experience and expertise with different facets of stigma reduction programing and diverse populations
  • Provide access to validated stigma reduction evaluation instruments, coordinated evaluation efforts, and shared outcomes data
Advancing Evidence-based Practices

Advancing Evidence-based Practices

  • Continuous learning - updates on evidence based practices and current research
  • Networking - connect with organizations and individuals engaged in stigma reduction
  • Research on implementation of evidence-based stigma reduction efforts
  • Mentoring by WISE staff to assist organizations in achieving meaningful results in stigma reduction and building capacity for compassion resilience
WISE Coalition

WISE Coalition

  • WISE is staffed by Rogers InHealth, a Department of Rogers Behavioral Health
  • WISE consists of an Executive Board and a Planning Committe that meet quarterly
  • WISE was founded in 2012; to see a timeline of WISE’s early years, click here