Who We Are

WISE is a statewide coalition of organizations and individuals promoting inclusion and support for all affected by mental illness by advancing evidence-based practices for stigma reduction efforts.

People with lived experience of mental health challenges strategically sharing their story is the current, primary, evidence-based practice and drives the focus of WISE. We promote the power of story.

Our Values

WISE Declaration of Values

What We Offer

WISE Basics – presentation on what stigma is, what research has taught us about how to reduce it (TLC4 model), and a facilitated discussion on what this means for your organization’s efforts.

WISE Resources – online guide to planning that includes Principles for Stigma Reduction, research, tips to support stigma reduction, and support for strategic disclosure.

Consultation – to support the use of the TLC4 model during planning, implementation and evaluation of stigma reduction projects.

Honest, Open, Proud to Erase the Stigma of Mental Illness Program – a facilitated group program to discuss the pros, cons, and a helpful process of decision making about whether, to whom and how to share one’s story – high school, college and adult versions.

Evaluation – access to validated stigma reduction evaluation instruments, coordinated evaluation efforts throughout the state, and shared outcomes data.

Networking – connect with organizations and individuals engaged in stigma reduction.

Continuous learning – updates on evidence based practices and current research.

Academic consultation – Access through partnership with Patrick Corrigan PH.D.

Technical assistance – WISE members offer a wide range of experience and expertise with different facets of stigma reduction programing and diverse populations.

Your Organization

Enhance WISE members’ expertise in stigma reduction consultation. We always learn by working with new groups!

Share your specific experience of implementing the TLC4 model in your unique setting.

Collaborate by giving input to statewide stigma reduction efforts through a WISE partnership.

Expand the breadth of data on stigma levels and outcomes of stigma reduction efforts to improve understanding of what works with various populations in our state.

Join WISE! – Help expand the statewide network and support stigma reduction efforts.